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The following list of names was taken from A History Of Long Eaton & District by Arthur Hooper (1954) the former local librarian, with the later backing of the Long Eaton Urban District Council. It is a simple, typed, book and has many obvious typing errors. In it he says: "There is no castle, great House, battlefield or even moorland to give colour to the story of Long Eaton."

This history, some 140 pages, was indexed by Mike Foster of Wellington, New Zealand in May 1995 and last updated 17 Jan 2001 by Rosemary Lockie.

See acknowledgements page for more details.

Abbot, Thomas 1765 Owned land in Long Eaton 
Allsopp, Lewis 1820 Nottingham, gmn, land purchase 
Atkinson, Rev. Frederick 1873 Appointed a guardian 
Austin, Joseph March 1853 Long Eaton Parish Council 
Austin, Philip B. Died 1944 Ex UDC Councillor 
Ball, Horace  Son of Horace Ball of the fire brigade 
Ball, Horace 1886 Appointed Capt of the fire brigade 
Ballard, Joseph 1878 Appointed Long Eaton gas lamplighter 
Baron, George 1694 Carpenter, Long Eaton 
Barsby, Jabez Died 21/4/1892 Long Eaton fireman 
Bates, Henry J. 1929 Fished the River Trent 
Bennett, Samuel 1853 Long Eaton Parish Council 
Bennett, Samuel Snr. 1873 Appointed a guardian 
Bennett, William c1950 Sawley 
Bestwick, A. 1891 Long Eaton fireman, Crystal Palace Review 
Black, John 1875/85 Nottingham, Clerk, Long Eaton Local Board 
Blythen, Mr 1867 Appointed Long Eaton Rate Collector 
Bonsall, Frank 1853 Long Eaton resident 
Bonsall, John 1765 Owned land in Long Eaton 
Bonsall, Mrs 1875 Long Eaton farmer 
Bonsall, Thomas 1853 Long Eaton Council, Poors Steward 
Breakwell, S. 1891 Long Eaton fireman, Crystal Palace Review 
Brentnall, W. F.  Long Eaton Councillor 
Brown, Henry 1853 Long Eaton Parish Council 
Brown, W. E. 1853 Long Eaton Parish Council, Poor overseer 
Burton, J. 1853 Long Eaton Parish council 
Burton, John 1857 Long Eaton resident (of substance?) 
Burton, Thomas 1853 Long Eaton Parish Council 
Bush, William 1853 Built gas works in Long Eaton 
Bush, William 1853 Long Eaton Parish Council 
Butler, James 1875 Long Eaton Local Board, Ministry Of Health 
Butler, Mr S. 1894 Elected to Long Eaton U.D.C. 
Canner, George 1694 His Long Eaton house burnt down in a fire 
Canner, widow 1694 Her Long Eaton house burnt down in a fire 
Carr, Wm. Beckwith 1875 Elected to Long Eaton Local Board 
Carter, Benjamin 1856 Long Eaton, to have new house built 
Carter, Edward 1694 His Long Eaton house burnt down in a fire 
Carter, F. L. 1922 Appointed fire brigade engineer 
Carter, W. 1891 Long Eaton fireman, Crystal Palace Review 
Chamberlain, Mr c1835 Farmer on line of Long Eaton Railway Branch 
Chambers, Dr A. B. Died 18/4/1911 Appointed Medical Officer of Health 1887 
Chambers, Mr/Mrs J . W. 1907 First schoolmaster/mistress, New Sawley School 
Charlton, Thomas 1783 Notts., Esq. Bought Long Eaton land 
Chevyn, Robert 1694 Carpenter, Long Eaton 
Clarke, W. 1880s? Early member, United Gospel Mission 
Claye, A. c1875 Lamppost by his gate 
Claye, Aked 1875 Long Eaton resident 
Claye, Mr S. J. 1894 Elected to Long Eaton U.D.C. 
Claye, Samuel John 1853 Long Eaton Parish Council 
Clegg, Mr S, 1910? First Head of Long Eaton Grammar School 
Clegg, Samuel Died 1930 Active Long Eaton Library c1903 
Clifford, Robert 1765 Owned land in Long Eaton 
Clifford, Thomas 1853 Chairman, Long Eaton Parish Council 
Clower, George 1765 Held land allotment, Long Eaton 
Cockayne, Joseph 1875 Road foreman, Long Eaton (25/- per week) 
Codlin, S. 1895 "The Holmes" Long Eaton, called unsafe 
Cook, Joseph 1855 Appointed assistant constable Long Eaton 
Cook, Tailor 1800s? Appointed Long Eaton constable 
Cullen, Samuel 1820 Mercer/draper, Notts, land purchase 
Cunniffe, C. H. Died 1936 U.D.C. Councillor 
Dalby, Evington 1875 Elected to Long Eaton Local Board 
Dalley, Thomas c1860 Conducted Zion Church meetings 
Daniels 1877 Police Inspector, Long Eaton 
Dixon, Mr R. 1876 Sold land for Municipality 
Douglas, William 1783 Surgeon, Loughborough, bought Long Eaton land 
England, Bill c1776 Long Eaton butcher 
Exley, Tristram 1765 Notts, Clerk, Enclosure commnr 
Farmer, S. 1875 Tendered for lamps in Long Eaton 
Farndon, William 1783 Clerk, Quarndon, Leics, bought Long Eaton land 
Fern, Samuel 1883 Appointed police inspector 
Fleming, W. P. 1936 Appointed U.D.C. accountant 
Fletcher, J. E.  Moorlands, Long Eaton 
Fletcher, Joseph 1875 Elected to Long Eaton Local Board 
Fletcher, Thomas 1875 Elected to Long Eaton Local Board 
Flower, Mr 1861 His room used for Long Eaton Church meetings 
Fosbrooke  Donated money for poor bread 
Freeth, Daniel 1820 Deed Standard Hill, Notts, Esq. 
Gaskill, Mr 1880 Offered violence to Council workers 
Gibson, Mr 1839 Station Master at the Long Eaton station 
Glover, Thomas 1694 His Long Eaton house burnt down 
Goodson, Henry 1868 Long Eaton constable 
Gregory, John 1765 Held land allotment in Long Eaton 
Gregory, W. R. C. Died 1936 Ex UDC Councillor 
Hacker, Francis 1676 Quite large legacy to poor of Sawley 
Hallam, John  Farmer, now site of Grange School 
Hanbury, Henry 1857 Farming in Wilsthorpe 
Hardy, F. J. Died 1945 Ex U.D.C. Councillor 
Harriman, Mary 1857 Farming in Wilsthorpe 
Harrington, Robert 1765 Held land allotment in Long Eaton 
Hartill, John 1765 Held land allotment in Long Eaton 
Heaps, James 1875 Long Eaton Local Board collector 
Heaps, Mr 1855 Long Eaton shopkeeper 
Hicton, J. 1880s? Early member, United Gospel Mission 
Higgins, Ann 1765 Held land allotment in Long Eaton 
Hill, Robert 1875 Elected to Long Eaton Local Board 
Hodson, George 1888 Engineer, examined water supply proposals 
Holland, William 1894 Elected to Long Eaton U.D.C. 
Hollingworth, Thomas 1675 Gave Bramcote land to poor 
Hooley, E. T. 1894 Offered to erect new almshouses 
Hooley, E. T. 1897 Offered site for Municipal Office 
Hooper, Arthur Retired 1938 Librarian, wrote Long Eaton History 
Hooten, Walter 1887 Long Eaton resident 
Hopkins, J. 1893 Appointed Cemetery Sexton at Long Eaton 
Hopkins, Thomas 1765 Held land allotment in Long Eaton 
Houghton, Mr 1879 To build Long Eaton house in Hunt Street 
Howitt, Henry 1783 Long Eaton, gmn 
Howitt, John 1765 Held land allotment in Long Eaton 
Hudson, George 1844 President of Midland Railway Company 
Huish, Darwin 1885 Appointed Local Board Clerk 
Huss, James 1857 Occupied Poor's Close, 5/yr poor 
Huss, John 1765 Owned land in Long Eaton 
Jerrome, Mary 1765 Held land allotment in Long Eaton 
Jessop, William  Canal Engineer, built Erewash Canal? 
Kilby, William 1853 Long Eaton Parish Council, poor overseer 
Locker, Thomas 1765 Held land allotment in Long Eaton 
Mackern, Dr Died 1889 Long Eaton 
Maltby, Thomas 1875 Elected to Long Eaton Local Board 
Marriott, A. H. 1894 Elected to Long Eaton U.D.C. 
Marshall, J. 1894 Elected to Long Eaton U.D.C. 
Marshall, John 1853 Long Eaton Parish Council 
Milligan, Dr S. H. M. 1918 Minister of Health (up to 1918) 
Milne, Nurse 1908 Appointed Assistant Sanitary Inspector 
Moore, Henry 1896 Cleaned/painted almshouses 
Moore, Henry 1895 Appointed U.D.C. Overseer 
Newsum, William 1894 Elected to Long Eaton U.D.C. 
Oldknow, Thomas 1765 Nottingham Enclosure Commissioner, gmn 
Orchard, Joseph JP Died 1902 Elected to Long Eaton U.D;C. 1894 
Orchard, Mr 1885 Given new cottage in Long Eaton 
Ostick, J. T. 1944 Resigned as U.D.C. Councillor 
Pagge, John 1765 Held land allotment Long Eaton 
Palin, Frank 1880s? Early member, United gospel Mission 
Palin, Robert 1880s? Early member, United Gospel Mission 
Parker, John 1853 Appointed constable at Long Eaton 
Parker, John 1853 Long Eaton Parish Council 
Parkinson, Joseph 1783 Provided house for Baptist meetings 
Parkinson, Sarah 1857 Farming in Wilsthorpe 
Pegg, G. H. Died 1943 U.D.C. Councillor 
Pegg, J. Died 1948 U.D.C. Councillor 
Proudman, John  First master of Risley School, BA 
Richards, W. A. 1885 Appointed temporary Local Board clerk 
Ridgeway, E. R. 1876 Appointed Public Health Surveyor 
Ridgeway, E. R. 1894 Elected to Long Eaton U.D.C. 
Roadley, James 1875 Appointed lamplighter in Long Eaton 
Roberts, F. E. From 1930 Head of Long Eaton Grammar School 
Robinson, Elizabeth 1765 Held land allotment in Long Eaton 
Salt, Thomas 1857 Farming in Wilsthorpe 
Scorer, Whitfield  Divisional Education Officer 
Sheldon, John 1876 Sold land for municipality 
Sheldon, John 1877 Appointed Public Health Surveyor 
Sheldon, John Late 1800s Drainage Board Surveyor 
Shelton, Matthew 1857 Farm bailiff in Wilsthorpe 
Shepherd, Edward 1868 Long Eaton constable 
Shepherd, John 1875 Elected to Long Eaton Local Board 
Sherwood, J. F. W. 1938 Appointed Long Eaton librarian 
Shuttleworth, James 1765 Held land allotment in Long Eaton 
Sills, R. H. 1880s? Early member, United Gospel Mission 
Smith, John 1910 Farmer, Coffee-Pot Hall, demolished 
Smith, John Bonsall 1857 Farming in Wilsthorpe 
Smith, Samuel 1853 Long Eaton Parish Council 
Smith, Thomas 1853 Long Eaton Parish Council 
Smith, Thomas 1894 Elected to Long Eaton U.D.C. 
Smith, Thomas 1857 Farming in Wilsthorpe 
Smith, William 1765 Highway Overseer, Long Whatton 
Sole, William 1892 Appointed Long Eaton Water Bailiff 
Sole, William 1895 Appointed Fire Chief at Long Eaton 
Stanley, William 1925 Appointed U.D.C. Clerk 
Stenson, John c1843 First Baptist Pastor in Long Eaton 
Taylor, H. c1950 Bramcote, paid 5/yr rent for 2/3 acres 
Tebbutt, Christopher 1694 His Long Eaton house burnt down 
Tebbutt, John 1853 Long Eaton Parish Council 
Thompson, James 1893 Boatman on River Trent 
Tomlinson, John 1907 Appointed Sanitary Inspector, retired 1944 
Towle, Joseph 1721 Left land to Sawley poor 
Towle, Richard  Probably descendant of Joseph 
Trowell, John 1765 Held land allotment in Long Eaton 
Tucker, W. R.  U.D.C. Councillor, retired 1936 
Turner, A. 1891 Long Eaton fireman, Crystal Palace Review 
Turton, F. R. Died 1936 U.D.C. Councillor 
Tutin, Arthur 1880s? Early member, United Gospel Mission 
Wallis, E. 1904 Sold land to U.D.C. 
Wallis, J. 1882 Appointed Long Eaton gas lamplighter 
Walton, T. 1944 Appointed U.D.C. Sanitary Inspector 
Ward, Abram 1694 Mason in Long Eaton 
Wardle, J. 1887 Shop in Conway Street, Long Eaton 
Warren, Arthur  Petitioner re: 1694 fire in Long Eaton 
West, F. C. 1919 Appointed Fire Superintendent 
West, W. 1891 Long Eaton fireman, Crystal Palace Review 
Wheeldon, Peter 1886 Appointed Long Eaton gas lamplighter 
Whitaker, Harry 1875/76 Public Health Surveyor 
White, William 1884 Appointed as Long Eaton Cemetery Sexton 
Williams, E. 1896 Appointed U.D.C. clerk 
Williams, E. 1894 Elected to Long Eaton U.D.C. 
Willoughby, Michael 1593 Woodhall Park, built Risley Chapel 
Wilson, Charles 1694 His Long Eaton house burnt down 
Winfield, J. 1894 Elected to Long Eaton U.D.C. 
Woodforth, William 1894 Elected to Long Eaton U.D.C. 
Woolley,  Ferryman at Barton Ferry 
Worrall, Frank 1900s Drainage Board Surveyor 
Wright, Ichabod (younger) 1820 London, Long Eaton land purchase 
Wyatt, William 1765 Staffs., Enclosure Commissioner, gmn 
Yates, A. Died 1943 Ex U.D.C. Councillor 

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