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There have been many enterprises in Long Eaton over the years, some are still with us, others sadly are not. Below is a brief list of some that existed mainly between 1900 and 1918. How many can you recall?

Co-op Bakers Station Road Nicknamed "Old Side". Horses and later vans were used for deliveries 
Sharpe & Nickless Bakers 77 College Street Famous for making Brandy Snap. Often travelled to fairs selling their goods 
R. Tebutt & Son Bakers 12-14 Station Road  
J. Wardle Bakers 11-13 Station Street  
Sheldon Bakers Cobden Street These premises became a fish & chip shop 
Penny Bazaar Bazaars Corner of Browns Road & High Street  
Penny Bazaar Bazaars Market Place  
Woolworths 3d & 6d Bazaars High Street (c1932)  
Wright Bros Boots & Shoes Sawley Also travelled around Long Eaton by horse and cart 
Wittering & Sons Boots & Shoes High Street  
Turners Boots & Shoes Sawley Also travelled around Long Eaton selling his wares on horse and cart 
J. Pearce Boots & Shoes 15 Market Place  
Hiltons Boots & Shoes High Street  
W. Youngman Builders Craig Street Built Mount Tabor Church 
F. Perks & Son Builders Bridge Street  
Piggin Butchers 35 Station Road  
Richard Hooley Butchers Russell Street  
Noon (later J. Hooleys) Butchers 3 Stanhope Street  
F. S. Hooley Butchers 16 Station Road Operated from a wooden shed in his back garden 
Co-op Butchers Station Street Mainly sold beef and pork products 
G. Bretnall Butchers 67 Market Place Also had a greengrocery at 16 Market Place 
J. Gelsthorpe Chemists 26 High Street Also at 18 Derby Road. Also dentist and registrar 
Start & Wathes Chemists High Street Opposite the old Post Office 
Shelton Chemists Market Place Also practised as a dentist 
Wing & Sons Chimney Sweeps 13 Leopold Street  
Mr Turner Chimney Sweeps Pleasant Row (Romorantin Place)  
Mr J . Saxton Chimney Sweeps 7 Station Street  
Mr. Read Chimney Sweeps Last house on twitchell  
F. Johnson Coal Merchants Temperance Place  
Co-op Coal Merchants Canal Wharf near Derby Road  
William Adams Coal Merchants 17 Regent Street  
William Beers Coal Merchants Canal Wharf, Sawley Lane (Tamworth Road)  
H. Topson Coal Merchants Toton Coal Yard  
Miss Jefferies Confectioners Corner of Main Street and Chapel Street  
Miss S. Heaps Confectioners 60 Main Street  
Mrs Stoddart Confectioners Corner of High Street & New Street  
Mrs Spendlove Confectioners Main Street Possibly first to make ice-cream in Long Eaton 
Mrs Swann Confectioners Corner of Main Street & Twitchell (West Gate)  
Mrs S. A. Shelton Confectioners 78 High Street Opposite High Street School. Also sold ice-cream 
S. Parker Cycles High Street Sold mechanical toys. Good entertainment at Christmas 
Ruttlers Cycles Main Street Also hired bikes at 3d per hour 
Co-op Dairy Oakleys Road (Meadow Lane) Delivered by horse and float 
J. Hopkins Dairy Derby Road Delivered milk in buckets, laid out to customers. Also a bookies runner 
Needhams Dairy Station Road (under archway) Delivered using milk churns and ladled out to customers 
Hutchings Dairy Oxford Street (first house) Delivered by pony and float 
Mrs A. M. Domelow Drapers & Milliners 58 High Street  
Miss L. Everard Drapers & Milliners Claye Street  
T. V. Barnes Drapers & Milliners 42 High Street  
Co-op Drapers & Milliners High Street  
Bocense Drapers & Milliners High Street  
Oakleys Farms Oakleys Road  
Harbys (later Co-op) Farms Meadow Lane  
S. Goode Farms Acton Road  
H. Tacey Fish & Chips Market Place This was an old building with thatched roof and verandah. Also a fishmonger 
T. Gray Fish & Chips Market Stall & shop in Claye Street Later owned a mobile supper van 
Brookes Fish & Chips Corner of Station Road & Conway Street  
Edwards Fish & Chips Market Stall The family lived near the Green 
William Copperwaithe Fruit & Veg Street Traders  From Long Eaton 
T. Wheat & Son Fruit & Veg Street Traders  From Nottingham 
B. Howarth Fruit & Veg Street Traders  From Nottingham 
Co-op Furniture Station Street  
Bedford Furniture High Street  
Townsend & Co. Furniture Sawley Road  
Co-op Greengrocers Station Street  
N. Powell Greengrocers 16 Market Place  
Smith (later Welch's) Greengrocers Market Place  
R. F. Dunnford Greengrocers 20 Market Place Also made bridal bouquets and wreaths 
T. Freear Grocer and Hardware New Street Opened by Tom Freear c1910. Both retail and wholesale suppliers with large warehouses attached to the family home at 4, New Street. Tom died in 1944 and his eldest daughter Vera Freear ran the shop until the 1970s. Premises is currently occupied by 'Shopmobility'. 
Marsdens Grocers High Street Later to become Placketts 
C. Godwin Grocers Corners of Station Road & New Tythe Street Their son was later knighted 
Parkins Grocers Market Place Very old building, timber beams and thatched roof 
Maypole Dairy Grocers 37 High Street  
Burtons Grocers High Street Mr. Burton also had a house and shop in New Street 
G. Hickling Grocers 14 Market Place Member of the Wesleyan Chapel 
Royal Hotel Inns & Hotels High Street  
Harrington Arms Inns & Hotels Derby Road  
Erewash Navigation Inns & Hotels Trent Lock  
Turks Head Inns & Hotels 48 Gibb Street  
Wheatsheaf Inn Inns & Hotels Sawley Lane (Tamworth Road)  
Tiger Inn Inns & Hotels Sawley Lane (Tamworth Road)  
Nelson Inn Inns & Hotels Sawley Road (Tamworth Road)  
Locomotive Inn Inns & Hotels Union Street (demolished)  
Blue Bell Inns & Hotels High Street  
Marshalls Brewery Inns & Hotels The Green (demolished)  
Regent Inn (Hole In The Wall) Inns & Hotels Regent Street  
Queens Hotel Inns & Hotels Shakespeare Street  
Prince Of Wales Inns & Hotels High Street  
Pavilion Hotel Inns & Hotels Station Road (demolished)  
Old Cross Inn (Corner Pin) Inns & Hotels Corner of High Street & Market Place  
Old Bell Inn (Top House) Inns & Hotels Market Place  
Railway Inn Inns & Hotels Station Street  
New Inn Inns & Hotels Sawley Road (Tamworth Road)  
Victoria Inn Inns & Hotels Main Street  
J. Dee Newsagents High Street Next to Austins Arch 
J. Edmonds Newsagents Station Road Celebrated Jubilee in 1960. Wife Clarice died in a fire 
J. Heaps Newsagents 10 Main Street  
J. Medd Newsagents High Street Opposite the school 
Goose Fair Dad Other Street Traders  Sold cottons and mending wools 
Watercress & Mushroom Man Other Street Traders  Lived on Station Road. Picked mushrooms and cress from Meadow Lane fields 
Umbrella Man Other Street Traders  Sold & exchanged umbrellas 
Scissor Grinder Other Street Traders  Sharpened knives and scissors with wheel 
Rag & Bone Men Other Street Traders  Mostly from Nottingham 
Pot Man Other Street Traders  Sold pots and pans from horse and flat cart 
Barm Man Other Street Traders  Barms of making herb beer, sold from churns and ladled out 
Old Chair Mender Other Street Traders  Carried tools for repairing chairs etc. 
J. Simmonds Pawn Shops 24 High Street Massive shirt hanging outside shop 
Smiths Pawn Shops  Variety of goods, including men's clothes 

Street Entertainers
There was a street piano, played by a blind man from Orchard Street, a man on stilts with a woman collecting money, a man with performing bear, marionettes on horse and cart, boxing booths, skittle alleys, man singing comic songs, and street plays were performed.

Local Characters
'Eunice', who always asked "Is your mother washing?", and 'Mackerel Jack', always drunk and in prison, came from a well-known family, also well off, and was set to work on a treadmill.

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