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The motto: "Per Sapientiam Constantiamque Victoria" means "Triumph through Wisdom and Endeavour". It reflects elements in the mottoes of the three merging authorities.

The shield: The three "bendy wavy" blue bends symbolise the three rivers - the Trent, the Derwent and the Erewash. The chevron (the red angled bend) comes from the Arms of Long Eaton and South-East Derbyshire. The fleur-de-lis is an emblem of Saint Mary (Saint Mary's Abbey, Dale Abbey) and is placed at the apex of the chevron. The upper part of the shield is coloured red (the heraldic term for the colour is gules) to match the chevron. The past and present textile manufacturing trades are symbolised by the hanks of yarn. The three astronomical characters of Mars in the lower part of the shield represent the iron and steel industry at Stanton Ironworks and heavy engineering aspects of the Borough. These were prominent in the Arms of the former Ilkeston authority, as were the hanks of yarn. In the centre of the top of the shield is a "garb" made up of ears of wheat, which represent the different parishes in the Borough.

The dovetailing between the red and silver parts of the shield symbolises the woodworking and furniture-making industries.

The crest: Includes a "mural crown" which is often found in the Coat of Arms of local authorities (whether it represents the Town Halls or Council houses is not clear). Arising from the crown are two flaming torches, one of which appears in the Long Eaton Arms. Again, the torches represent industry. Between the torches arises a stag. This also appears in the Arms of Nottingham and Derby, and indicates the general geographical location of Erewash. You will see that the stag has a lace collar. This again appears in the Arms of Long Eaton and Ilkeston, and represents the lace making industry.

Finally, the mural crown is set with amulets, or rings. These appear in the Arms of South-East Derbyshire, and again symbolise steel-making and engineering.

Home > Welcome > Erewash Coat of Arms
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