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There are a large number of people, books, and groups that we found information from for our site. This list is here to thank those who gave their time, resources, data, and general help with this site in some form or other...

  • Technical Support & Resources
    Long Eaton Community Net

  • Historical data and images
    Mr. Keith Reedman
    Mr Keith Breakwell
    The Long Eaton & District History Society
    Erewash Borough Council
    Long Eaton Public Library
    The Sawley History Society
    The Long Eaton Twinning Association
    Mr. Jeff Ainsworth
    Mr John Plackett
    Mr. Chris Thorpe
    The book Sketches Of Long Eaton & District By Arthur Hooper (librarian 1905-1938). This book was kindly provided by Mrs E. Stevenson of Castle Donington
    All our subscribers and contributors

  • Sources listed in the book A History of Long Eaton & District, used on Old Names
    Arthur Hooper lists the following sources, of which some may possibly be in the Long Eaton library and nowhere else:
    Annual Reports of the Medical Officers of Health for Long Eaton 1898/1948
    Annual Reports of the Long Eaton Public Library Committee 1906/1949
    Long Eaton Advertiser Long Eaton Handbooks. Various 1906/1949
    Long Eaton Parish Award, 1767
    Minute Books of the Long Eaton local authorities 1853/1949
    Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society Journal 1798 - current Maps. Various old maps
    Sawley Inclosure Act 1787 (on pp 21/22 Hooper quotes from the Long Eaton Inclosure Act of 1765 and notes that this document runs to 58 typed foolscap pages, almost certainly with copious references to names)
    Sawley Bridge Act (Harrington) 1803
    Catalogue of Sawley Parochial Library, 1861
    Bulmer, T & Co, History & directory of Derbyshire 1895
    Benson, Revd J, Zion church Long Eaton, 1859/1909. 1911
    Cossons, A, The turnpike Roads of Nottinghamshire. 1934.
    Historical Association leaflet no. 97
    Cox, Revd J Charles, LLD, FSA. The churches of Derbyshire, 4 vols
    Cox, Revd J Charles, Calendar of the Records of the County of Derby 1899
    Davis, Revd D F, A New Historical & Descriptive Review of Derbyshire from the remotest time to the present time, 2 vols, 1811 Drake's Road Book. Nottingham & Derby Railway, 1839
    Farey, John snr, General View of the Agriculture of Derbyshire 3 vols, 1817
    Fawcett, C B. Long Eaton
    Field, H (Ed). Nottingham Date Book, 150.1884
    Hodson, George. A consideration of some of the conditions requisite for obtaining underground water supplies.
    Illustrated by the works supplying Long Eaton etc, 1893
    Jeayes, H J, Derbyshire Charters, descriptive catalogue, 1906
    Jessop. Plan of the River Trent from Gainsborough to Cavendish Bridge from a survey taken in August & September 1872
    Lewis, Samuel, Topographical History of England, 4 vols 1831
    Lysons, Revd Daniel and Lysons, Samuel. Magna Britannia of Gt Britain Vol 5, Derbyshire, 1817
    Nottingham & Derby Railway Companion, 1839
    Midland Counties Railway R Allen, 57 Long Row, Nottingham
    Painter, N E, Toton Marshalling Sidings. LMS Magazine, Feb 1934
    Stretton, C E, History of the Midland Railway, 1901 Stretton. Historical Railway Reports, 1875/1905
    Williams, Frederick S. The Midland Railway, its rise and progress Illustrated maps (not dated. ?1875)
    Williams, Frederick S. Our Iron Roads, 1852. Also 7th editon 1885
    White, F & Co, History, Gazeteer and directory of the County of Derbyshire, etc, 1857

  • Information on Barton's
    Barton - Part One 1908-1949 By Alan Oxley
    Barton - Part Two 1950-1961 By Alan Oxley
    Barton - Part Three 1962-1989 By Alan Oxley
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